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PIANO INSTRUCTION and Vocal Accompaniment
by Pianist, Composer and Recording Artist

•Jazz, Pop, Classical, Blues and Rock

•In-Home Instruction and at my studio

•Beginners to Advanced, All ages

•Theory, Harmony, Technique



.... a little about my online teaching...
About 75-80% of my current music students have resumed lessons with me online now using Zoom or Skype.
As it turns out it appears to be working very well.  Many are saying they now see things they hadn’t seen before due to the new clear audio, visuals and software I am now using during the lessons. It’s very exciting. The students also have the option of recording the lesson if they choose for review.  With the new software and technology many students are growing in leaps and bounds. I’d rather not bore all of you with all the details now but please contact me if you’re interested. 
Learn more about playing, theory, harmony,  improvisation, songwriting, composition, or accompanying yourself while you or someone else sings.  
I offer homemade tracks to play or sing along to depending on your needs.

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A testimonial from a Students Mother:

"Your time with Sophie been truly transformative for her in a way that she may not understand until later in her life. I think you have an amazing ability to connect with her and teach her and I think she has no idea now, at age ten how rich her experience has been nor how much potential she has."  -Judith Wides


•PRE-PAID DISCOUNTS available for multiple lessons






Piano lessons, Vocal Coaching, Songwriting
and Improvisation Skills, Recording Studio Capabilities
My studio or your home
Skype sessions available

*** 25-40% DISCOUNTS for NEW STUDENTS ***



A genius musician and performer, and a fine, sensitive teacher who can meet a student where s/he is and bring him/her further along.   -Barbara C. 

John is the consummate professional He is a master musician, equally at home with classical jazz or modern pop John can--and does-- do it all With style, enthusiasm, and kindness I recommend him to all my couples and clients. If there was a 10 star rating, I would give that! -Harry S 

John was an extremely patient and dedicated teacher. He was very accepting of both my boys different personalities and figuring out what would grab each child to make the most of their lessons. It was a pleasure to have him teach my kids. - Iva D 

My son truly enjoyed his lessons. John has a wonderful mastery of jazz piano and a great way with teens. He was very open to adapting the interests of the student into the overall learning plan.  -Sherry M 

John is the best instructor I have worked with. I liked that John doesn't follow a systematic study guide. He finds out where you are and where you want to go with your interests whatever that might be, piano, singing, or recording. Please don't get me wrong, while John gives student's freedom to explore. His professionalism and experience as an instructor will interject with direction or redirection. With John you will learn to project who you are not who he is.  -Marilyn A 
John has provided valued musical experiences in our community for years. Be it for teaching or performances or his superior compositions John surpasses expectation. I recommend John without reservation.   -Walter I
John is a consummate musician with an absolutely amazing ear and incredible talent. His playing is so beautiful he has often moved me to tears or up onto my feet dancing from sheer rhythmic perfection! I kid you not. Just listen for yourself. He is also a very patient teacher and I am grateful for all the musical experiences I have been fortunate enough to have with him. He is professional, kind and a delightful guy to boot. Anyone is lucky to find him and have the extreme pleasure of hearing him or being taught by him. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts in support of him.   -Donna H 


John has been my piano teacher for two years and has a keen sense of pinpointing strengths and developing methods to reinforce areas that need support.   John has a comprehensive understanding of sounds, theory, as well as the ability to practically approach lessons by picking apart and building the songs to a level of completion.   I highly recommend John Bianculli for any person interested in studying and learning to play piano.  - MaryRuth M  

Went to dinner with my wife one night and John was playing the piano at the restaurant. I am a long time piano player. I knew immediately that he was one of the best piano players that I have ever heard play the piano.  I approached him and asked if he would give me piano lessons and he agreed. I started taking lessons with John many months ago. He is an excellent teacher and I have finally learned how to play the type of music that I have been trying to play for many years. He is patient and his knowledge of music theory is second to none. He has a passion for music and it shows. I plan to continue taking lessons from John for a long time. What he has taught me during the few past months has improved my knowledge of music and piano playing ability one hundred percent. I would recommend John to anyone who either wants to learn the piano or just wants to listen to him play for hours. John is a great guy. You won't be disappointed.  -Wayne C 

The day when I first heard of John and began taking piano lessons with him I count as one of my very lucky days.  I'm older and had been playing the piano since a child.  But I had virtually stopped playing out of dissatisfaction with the far out-dated playing style I had learned.  John has introduced me to a moderate jazz style I love to play and enjoy working on with him.  I am far -- FAR -- from being a professional, but I love playing the piano once again.  The day I began lessons with John several years ago was, indeed, a lucky day for me.   - Bob Q 


He is a great piano teacher.  Asks you what you want to play so you can learn what interests you.  He is very creative and explains things well. He makes learning positive.  His love music is apparent and he is joy to work with.    -Gail O 

John is one of the most talented musicians I have ever met in my over fifty years as a professional musician. I attended two of his music classes, he has the ability to teach making you feel at ease and eager to learn. As a performer, his professionalism is unmatched. He is a master of the keyboard in every way!   -Jerry S 

For the first time in my life at 82 years of age after taking lessons at 13 years of age and then about 40 years for a short time I never really appreciated the sounds of the piano. I was so unaware of music even though I sang in a choir for many years. I seldom even went over to our piano in 40 years. John is not only a well accomplished pianist but he is extremely patient and stresses the enjoyment of music and playing. I have learned so much about trying to improvise, to finally learn to play the left hand notes which unfortunately I never learned. John's love of music in all forms and his enthusiasm in teaching has given me so much more of an interest in learning to really play the piano. John is prompt and I have often have to remind John not to stay beyond the time my hour lesson. He encourages me to ask questions and e-mail him to send me music to listen to or to practice. My husband, Paul, tells me I am definitely improving. it is a struggle to learn at my age and remember, but John's enthusiasm about music and his absolute patience with a very slow learner is what keeps me wanting to learn more. I have sung in the past in choirs and John encourages me to sign while playing to get the full feeling of the music. The bottom line, I am so fortunate to have heard him play and asked if he taught. That was the beginning of a meaningful enjoyment of getting back after 40 years of a sort of trying to play. He has opened the door to more appreciation of music and enjoying the sounds of this new adventure for the first time in my life of learning to improvise! My husband, Paul and I respect John not only for his music but that he is a very fine human being.   -Doris P 

John is a wonderful teacher for my son whose interest is in music technology. My son's recording studio has a great deal of equipment that John and he use. With his former teacher, my son often said he felt he could work on his own, but with John he now says his lessons have been valuable. John encourages creativity and exploration. 
-Jill S 

I fulfilled my lifelong quest to be fluent in jazz after over three years of weekly study. John is a stand out teacher sensitive to a pupil like me.  I had a lot. of unlearning to do. 
-Tom S