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  Soma Center    
available for rental


Great for rehearsals, small intimate performance, fitness classes, personal training, therapy groups, discussion groups, and much more! Daily and hourly rates available.  
Also small private treatment room available hourly.

If interested, please call Bobbie at 732-777-9642 x 4
Come grow with us!!!!


Embodied Meditation for Women CD for sale  
with music by John Bianculli 

 Bobbie Ellis, Director of Soma Center



       Reframing Classical Music

       Visit the website... 

The New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra is committed to providing intimate and innovative concerts in central N.J.
They always have exciting plans for the future, so be sure to join their mailing list and be amongst the first to discover what they are planning. 




 Jackie Jones   
  Jackie by Sherry Rubel 

Vanessa Perea 

John Bianculli Trio
Sue Wiliams  -bass
Tom Baker - drums

Chelsea Crowe  

Champian Fulton

Maya Nova   

Simona DeRosa


Nat Adderley, Jr. 

Kat Gang

Stephen Fuller   

Deb Lyons

Jacquelyn Gilliam

Janice Friedman

Sue Williams-bass  

Jess Nolan


Jerry Weldon

Gordon James
& Ted Brancato

RIP Bucky
Bucky Pizzarelli & Ed Laub Duo 

*piano courtesy of





Hi Everyone, 

THIS IS AN UPDATE & CORRECTION TO MY LAST EMAIL...  Our Americana date is still on for this Sunday FEB 21st brunch (11-3) with my trio ..HOWEVER ... my live stream solo piano event has changed the date to MAR 6th and  will be on YOUTUBE on not Facebook So anyone with Internet access will be able to see it on YouTube live.

Please read about my new “LIVE” gig with my TRIO  below on SUNDAY, FEB 21st at the Americana Kitchen and Bar in East Windsor... great place to hear us “live.”  

My next upcoming LIVE STREAM Solo Piano event WILL NOW BE A ***YOUTUBE LIVE*** event and HAS CHANGED TO SATURDAY MARCH 6th at 7:30.
So it will NOT be a Facebook live event but I will announce it there on my personal FB page and here via emails but will now be streamed LIVE on my YouTube channel called “John Bianculli” 

11:00am - 3:00pm  “LIVE” at Americana

John Bianculli Trio
with Sue Williams on bass and Tom Baker on drums

Americana Kitchen & Bar in East Windsor

3-course brunch menu- $24 for adults and $19 for children/teens. Beautiful, newly renovated location. 
Plenty of outdoor seating. Social distancing.  Abundant parking.

Artisanally prepared and responsibly sourced food. Great wine list, craft beers. Ideal setting for all day cafe dining or memorable dinner and brunch experience.

Check out the Americana Kitchen & Bar website, the incredible menu and ambience, all the healthy precautions they are taking with the pandemic. Indoor and heated outdoor seating all socially distanced... Watch their 90 second video...

359 US Highway 130, East Windsor, NJ

Stayed tuned for my Trio March Sunday Brunch dates
at “Americana” March 14 and 28. 



My next upcoming LIVE STREAM Solo Piano event WILL NOW BE A ***YOUTUBE LIVE*** event and HAS CHANGED TO SATURDAY MARCH 6th at 7:30.
It will NOT be a Facebook live event but I will announce it there on my personal FB page and here via email and will be streamed “LIVE” on my YouTube channel called “John Bianculli”

So anyone with Internet access will be able to see it on YouTube live. 

I intend to be playing and streaming more YOUTUBE  LIVE solo piano events from my home.  At the moment I’m thinking about every two weeks.  I will keep you posted here but also check my FB page . If we’re not already friends on Facebook please send me a friend request. 


We will also be playing some scattered trio gigs at STEAKHOUSE 85 in New Brunswick at 85 Church St on Friday or Saturday evenings from 6:00 - 9:00 PM i
on their beautiful baby grand piano.  I don’t have definite dates yet. 
It’s an incredible restaurant!! They do a real good job about social distancing.
I usually have some great musicians including Sue Williams on bass and Tom Baker on drums.

For dates and info inquire at or 732-247-8585 or email me at


PRIVATE ONE-on-ONE online piano lessons
and online GROUP lessons via Zoom.

I’m currently offering a FREE 30 minute online virtual lesson to any new students. 
Limited slots are available.   
Please email or call with any interest or questions:  or  609.658.9105

About 75-80% of my current music students have resumed private lessons with me online using Zoom.  It is working very well.  Many are saying they now see things they hadn’t seen before due to the new clear audio, visuals and software I am using.  It’s very exciting. There’s also the option of recording the lesson if they choose for review.  My students are growing in leaps and bounds.
Learn more about playing, theory, harmony, technique, improvisation, songwriting, composition, or accompanying yourself while you or someone else sings.  I offer personally tailored tracks to play or sing along to depending on your needs. Also part of the session can learning about this new technology that is available.
Please check out my teaching reviews here...

I’m currently offering a FREE 30 minute online virtual lesson to any new students.  Limited slots are available.   Please email or call with any interest or questions:  or  609.658.9105


I will be offering three levels of online group piano classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced. The classes will be 75 minutes each using Zoom. These classes will be in the context of a specific 8 week series
Investment: $200 for 8 weekly classes ( $175 for early registration)
Minimum 4 students per class, maximum of 8 for more individualIzed attention.  
Some of the possibilities for classes I am considering are:
1- piano theory, fundamentals, reading and technique 
2- basic harmony 
3- advanced harmony
4- improvisation, comping
5- songwriting
6- how to accompany yourself, ensemble playing
With Zoom online lessons students are saying they now see things they hadn’t seen before due to the new clear audio, visuals and software I am now offering.  It’s very exciting. Students have the option of recording the lessons for review. 
Please check out reviews about my teaching here..
Please email or call if interested, have any questions or to let me know what series you may be interested in.
I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, John Bianculli if you get a chance. 
Looking forward to keeping you posted again about any online and live performances.
Enjoy some of my music here...
   And So it Goes by Billy Joel

   Life on Mars by David Bowie

   I Will by Lennon & McCartney

   You and the Night and the Music by Cole Porter

   Solo piano improv

   Close Enough for Love
      by Johnny Mandel and Paul Williams




***To be announced 2021***
The John Bianculli Trio
PRINCETON HOME CONCERT in a wonderful setting!
 with Sue Williams - Bass
        Tom Baker - Drums
      And special guest vocalist Danielle Illario

Stay safe and well!!  Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon! 
Best, John

John Bianculli

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