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John Bianculli is a lyrical and soulful pianist and composer.

John's dynamic original music is a unique blend of jazz, Latin, Brazilian, rhythm and blues, and world music. His original music can be heard on Telarc and Dream Box records. His song “Bittersweet” made the Contemporary Jazz Charts top-ten list. His music can also be heard on "Jazz Showcase," a major internationally released CD that is a compilation of Telarc's greatest jazz recordings.

CBS recorded John’s original solo piano music and he composed the score for the film"Lit'l Boy Grown."

As pianist for international jazz recording artist Steve Nelson for over five years, and Jeanie Bryson for over 10 years, John has also worked with Cassandra Wilson, Terence Blanchard, Regina Belle, Christy Baron,
Charlie Rouse, Bobby Watson, James Spaulding, Jimmy Ponder,
Bill Hardman and Earl May.

A self taught, accomplished and versatile musician, John was born and raised in New York City’s Greenwich Village across from the Village Vanguard. He got much of his training playing the jazz circuit from New York to Washington D.C.

John's compositions have been performed by his quartet, quintet and sextet in New York City at the Blue Note, Jazzmania, Jazz Cultural-Theatre, Greene Street, the Rainbow Room and Jilly's; in Washington D.C. at the One Step Down and Blues Alley.

John Bianculli has enjoyed a considerable following at the Hyatt Regency for 19 years and
the New York Hilton for 2 years. John has played numerous other clubs, concerts and
festivals in addition to a number of television and radio performances
in the metropolitan area.

About his music, the Home News and Tribune writes, “It invokes beauty and playful fancy,
stirs the imagination, and goes straight to the heart. It is unique, lyrical, dynamic, rich, and
uplifting. . .“ The Star Ledger says “It is music that will draw you in and make you listen. . .”