John Bianculli Music


"John Bianculli is always spot on.  I don't get a chance to see him often
but when I do it reminds me why I love his playing not only is he a wonderful technician on the piano
but the versatility of his tune selection is what really made the day for me.
 He brought bassist Earl Sauls and drummer, Taro Okamoto and the trio was in sync throughout the brunch. Gershwin's "Loved Walked In" opened.  Among tunes he played were "Too Soon" and "Try a Little Tenderness."
- all were great favorites.  The tunes had just the right amount of balance as they bounced from piano to bass and to drums throughout..."  -Andrea Tyson, former President of New Jersey Jazz Society

“It invokes beauty and playful fancy, stirs the imagination,
and goes straight to the heart. It is unique, lyrical, dynamic,
rich, and uplifting. . .“ - Home News and Tribune
“It is music that will draw you in and make you listen. . .”
- The Star Ledger

“...A beautiful touch.” - Earl May

“Everyone enjoyed your playing very much, John...
I'm still getting compliments about it. Thanks to you
it was one of the best parties we’ve been to in a very long time!
- D. Sansanelli

“When you leave, you’ll leave singing. The next
morning, you’ll wake up humming. And if you’re
not a die-hard fan yet, you will be.” - M. Kushner


The John Bianculli Group

It bubbles... It brims... And then...
It explodes with the driving energy of World Beats:
jazz, Afro-cuban, Brazilian, Latin, rhythm & blues,
funk and gospel.
Here is music on the edge of a new century;
The sounds of four continents brewed
and blended together
by a band of masterful musicians led by composer and pianist, John Bianculli,
who was born and raised on the apron of the jazz world, Greenwich Village.
From Birdland, the Blue Note and Smalls in NYC
to New Jersey’s supper clubs and coffeehouses to
African-American churches and outdoor jazz festivals,
John Bianculli’s berth is wide,
creating rhythms and melodies
that reach deep inside the audiences
who embrace his music.
Bianculli is indeed, a master of melody and rhythm.
You can’t help but feel the original passion that drives him
to compose each piece.
The incredible excitement of “Hoofin’ Home”,
“Cueste Lo Que Cueste” and“New Brasilia”
literally brings crowds to their feet,
not to mention, dancing in the aisles!
When you leave, you’ll leave singing.
The next morning, you’ll wake up humming.
And if your not a die-hard fan yet, you will be.